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How Kizuna Came to Be?

(One Version...)

One evening, an accountant, an IT consultant, and a budding scientist were brought together by their mothers over a table of a trending dish – ramen. The IT business MBA guy grew up slurping noodles, since he could swallow. He’d eaten so much noodles in his life that the reverberations of the noodle, smacking around his lips, consistently droned out the voices in his head.

As he placed the now empty wash-basin sized ramen bowl on the table, he exclaimed, “I think I want to eat ramen every day.”

His accountant wife rolled the eyes and reminded him, “I thought you said you wanted to eat sushi every day.”

The budding scientist contributed, “I believe in eating and dining, there is actually no law or theorem governing or enforcing the mutual exclusivity of foods or dishes.”

They all wondered, “How would it be possible to have top-notch sushi and high-quality ramen at the same time?”

“I will now apply the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Model of Innovation to postulate the creation of a restaurant that could successfully combine the fresh & cool tastes of sushi with the satisfying & hot flavors of ramen.”

“Yes, ” the MBA continued the thought. “We will totally bypass the Incubator stage, move it directly into the Accelerator stage, and fuse the ideas.”

A year later, KIZUNA was born.

Definition of KIZUNA

(n) a Japanese concept describing the “bonds (between people); (emotional) ties; and relationships”. A sense of community. As large as humanity, even.

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