Dining Room Re-opens June 12

Per Phase 2 of Forward Virginia, our dining room is re-opened but with capacity constraints. We also have seating out on our patio. Monday, we shall remain closed. While inside the restaurant, guests are reminded to wear masks when moving about, but are free to remove them when at your table with your family. Also, we will be taking temperatures of all guests as you enter. If your initial temperature reading is 100.3 or above, we will have you sit down and rest for a couple of minutes in our air-conditioned dining room, before re-taking temperatures.

What we’ve found while monitoring our employee temperatures is that any sort of exertion in this hot and humid weather can easily invalidate a thermometer reading. In almost all cases, a little rest almost always brings the temperature back into the normal, healthy range. Please exercise patience as we follow the directives given to us and as we try to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We will set aside a number of tables for reservations and a number of tables for walk-ins. For the time being, our operating hours are 4:30 and 9 PM on Friday and Saturday and 4:30 and 8:30 PM Sun & Tuesday through Thursday. Contact us if you have any questions about availability of tables.

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